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AMiner Knowledge Graph

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AMiner is a literature search website of the knowledge graph type



**AMiner Knowledge Graph** is a large-scale academic knowledge graph that provides comprehensive information about academic entities, including researchers, institutions, papers, conferences, and research fields. It aims to facilitate academic research and collaboration by connecting researchers with relevant knowledge and resources. Key highlights of AMiner Knowledge Graph include: * **Comprehensive coverage:** AMiner Knowledge Graph covers over 200 million researchers, 10 million institutions, 300 million papers, 100 thousand conferences, and 100 thousand research fields. * **Rich data attributes:** AMiner Knowledge Graph provides detailed information about each academic entity, including their affiliations, research interests, publications, citations, and collaborations. * **Interconnectedness:** AMiner Knowledge Graph connects academic entities with each other through a variety of relationships, such as co-authorship, citation, and affiliation. * **Advanced search and visualization tools:** AMiner Knowledge Graph provides powerful search and visualization tools that allow users to explore and analyze the data in a variety of ways. * **Open access:** AMiner Knowledge Graph is open and accessible to all users, making it a valuable resource for researchers, students, and anyone interested in academic research.