GBD* Epidemiological Data

GBD* Epidemiological Data

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The world's most comprehensive global vital statistics and health-related data. Contains epidemiological data on the prevalence, incidence and mortality of diseases in different populations in all countries.



The GBD* Epidemiological Data site provides access to epidemiological data from the Global Burden of Disease Study (GBD). The GBD is a comprehensive effort to quantify the comparative magnitude of health loss from all major diseases, injuries, and risk factors by age, sex, and geography. The Epidemiological Data site provides a variety of data, including: * **Cause-specific mortality and morbidity estimates:** The GBD provides estimates of the number of deaths and years of life lost due to specific causes of death, as well as the number of cases of specific diseases and injuries. * **Risk factor estimates:** The GBD also provides estimates of the contribution of specific risk factors to the burden of disease. * **Data visualization tools:** The Epidemiological Data site provides a variety of data visualization tools that allow users to explore the data and create custom graphs and charts. The GBD data is widely used by researchers, policymakers, and public health professionals to understand the burden of disease and identify opportunities for prevention and treatment.